Feedback From Our Clients:

“DBT has been so helpful to me. I practice often and have seen such great results. It is amazing how you have the power to change thinking patterns that you have had for years.” KL- Beverly Hills, MI

“People respond better to you when you use the skills. I love interpersonal effectiveness. I focus on my relationships more and have created better relationships with people close to me.” PM- Ann Arbor, MI

“I love the diary cards that I use with my individual therapist. They are so helpful to notice patterns. Mindfulness has helped me stay present with my recovery to observe more and be aware of what is happening within me without reacting.” HT- Birmingham, MI

“I never thought things would change in my life until I began DBT. I practice my skills all the time which I know is one of the reasons it works. My therapist has been so helpful and the DBT team of skills training leaders are so helpful at explaining how to apply the skills that are taught in skills class.” RT-Farmington Hills, MI

“I really find the skills classes helpful and my family is also participating in the program to learn the skills which has been so helpful. My relationship with my family has started to get better and we have began to build trust again. I don’t feel like I am on eggshells all the time.” MP-Royal Oak, MI

“I was so passive-aggressive when I started the program. I have learned how to be assertive and not let pain build up. I love distress tolerance and am working on acceptance. It has helped me through my divorce and how to cope with situations as they are without trying to change other people.” RB-Troy, MI

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